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Alan Robins - Lotus Esprit

This week we take a closer look at Alan Robins impeccable Lotus Esprit. Absolute honour to have this at our meet on Sunday.
Registered on June 11th 1987 by the London Lotus Centre in Edgware
This will have been one of the the last of the third generation models which were built from 1981-1987. In total 136 of these were built in 1987 up until the fourth gen came out in August that year.
2.2L Type 912 Turbo engine. By 1987 the engine had been developed since the earlier examples to see performance figures improve to 215bhp and 0-60mph in 5.35 seconds. Fuel consumption was however down to 14mpg!
At the time the car was built it cost over £31,000 which was more than than its Ferrari rival at the time the 308GTBI. The Esprit was the quicker car.
Alan has owned his example since 1996. Right from initial ownership he had the Engine and Box completely rebuilt. Plenty more upgrades have been added over the last 20 years including brake calipers all round, front and rear suspension, large core radiator, interior re-trim and improved headlight wiring.
The car has an interesting history. Alan is the third owner but from new it was purchased and owned by the managing director of Burtons the Tailors.
In December 2016 the car featured in Practical Classics Magazine where the top 100 cars were photographed at Millbrook proving ground.
Thanks for sharing detail on this all time Classic.

Andrew McInerney - Alfa Romeo Giulietta

This week we are going Italian to look at Andrew McInerney’s Alfa. One of many lovely Italian Classics in his possession.
Alfa Romeo Giulietta
This is a 1982 2.0 Series Two. It is in remarkable condition for any 80s Alfa. The mileage, 42k, is believed to be genuine and other than a new sill the bodywork is original. It was stripped and repainted a few years ago, no filler whatsoever was found as she had been Zeibarted from new.
However originality does not apply to the mechanicals. This car has under gone some subtle tweaks that are mainly hidden from view but make it a very interesting car to drive. The engine is standard 2.0 litre apart from fast road C&B cams and now runs twin 40 Dellorto’s. K&N panel filter and standard pattern exhaust in s/s but a bigger bore. I guess it gives around 145 brake and similar torque.
Suspension upgrades include GTV6 torsion bars with adjustable Koni’s and poly bushes and Harvey Bailey ARB up front. Rear runs Koni’s &Eibach springs and again poly bushed. Brakes are drilled & grooved vented from a late model 75 TS along with the alloy calipers and fast road Pagid pads. Stainless hoses and DOT 5.1 fluid. Rear are standard but with Pagid fast road pads and stainless hoses.
Transmission is a rebuilt late model 75 TS transaxle (with the closer ratio’s and LSD) gear linkage is also late 75 TS and the speedo drive modified to suit. Interior has Alfa 33 Recaro seats covered in custom two tone grey leather, the rears are original and covered to match as are the door cards and a smaller Momo leather steering wheel.
At only 1100kgs its no slouch and due to the suspension tweaks she corners flat and fast, the LSD delivers superb traction out of corners and the upgraded brakes are well up to handling the improvements as many moderns have found to their cost.
The Alfa Romeo Giulietta (Type 116) was introduced in November 1977 and while it took its name from the original Giulietta of 1954 to 1965, it was a new design based on the Alfa Romeo Alfetta chassis. All Giuliettas used 5-speed manual rear mounted transaxle transmission. The Giulietta went through two facelifts, the first in 1981 and the second one in 1983.

Chris Jaron - Audi 90 quattro (B2/Typ85 chassis)

This week we feature a modified Audi 90 quattro (B2/Typ85 chassis) aptly named “Bombero” belonging to Chris Jaron
Originally a 1985 car it has been owned by Chris since 1997 and to say it has developed in that time is a understatement. Initially a 2.5 engine conversion running with K-Star, produced about 200bhp.
In the hunt for more power a 3B 2.2 from an Audi S2 turbo was fitted but unusually rather than the normal Audi upgrade path Chris followed the Cosworth path, a Garrett T34 with Pectel T6 management mapped by the Ford guru Ahmed Bayjoo released 400 bhp.
As often on this path more is not enough so a T61 was installed, power up to 520bhp but with the dreaded lag. More power & more lag was found with a GTX35 which released 536bhp but ruined the drive.
Reverting back to the T61 and the original tuner dropped it back to under 500bhp but much more drivable.
Obviously with a power hike other mods were required, diesel gearbox, Porsche 996 brake conversion, coilers and custom leather all make this a truly unique car.

Chris Theakstone - MGTD

Thanks to Chris Theakstone for taking the time to send us the information on his lovely old MG.
This is a MGTD and was registered on January 17th 1950. Although right hand drive it was sent direct to Sweeden as up until 1960 Sweedish law dictated that drivers use the left hand side of the road.
The car didnt come back to the UK until 2015 when Chris then bought it. Since then the gearbox has been replaced with a five speed for better driveability. The interior and the dash were stipped out and replaced, blasted and re-painted Chassis, rebuilt front suspension and steering rack. The carbs needed a full rebuild and a custom stainless exhaust was fitted. The water pump was also replaced along with other small mechanical parts along the way.
The engine is a 1250cc 56bhp.
Having seen this car recently at a meet I was most impressed with the quality of interior trim, its absolutely superb. I also believe Chris will be selling this car very soon in favour of something a little bigger.

Dotty Dolly (Andy & Lynn) - Wolseley 4/44

Very pleased to have Dotty Dolly (Andy & Lynn) join Silverstone Social after spotting us at Old Warden a few weeks ago. This week we feature their Wolseley 4/44.
This is a 1954 model and was bought by Andy last June having had the hardship many of us can relate to of being Classic-less for a number of years. Previously having restored a Fiat 1973 124 Spider to a meticulous standard and then promptly having to sell it due to a change of circumstance.
The Wolseley purchased in reasonable order having had alot of work carried out by its previous owner including an engine conversion to a Rover V8 and MG disc brakes. The engine needed a fair bit of tuning to get it running as it should initially and the Bodywork was fully resprayed. The interior has had some attention in places and has been thoroughly cleaned.
The car only made a few meets last year but is now in superb order and ready to join our Silverstone Social Meets.
Thanks very much to Andy for taking the time to gather information and photos. The car will be a credit to our displays this year and especially pleased to have it booked in at Sywell where it will very much at home with the surroundings.

James R Ireland - Austin Morris Mini Clubman

Thanks to James R Ireland for giving us the information to feature an undoubted Classic this week- his Austin Morris Mini Clubman.
Registered 1973
1275cc Engine
Current 44,000miles
James has owned the car owned the car for two years
Modifications include Cooper s discs, 10″ alloys, Yokohama road slick tyres, Cobra Classic cream leather seats, Full leather Dashboard, Uprated Carb & ITG filter
The Clubman was built was built from 1969-1980 and the first model built under new ownership of British Leyland. During this period the cars were changed to run on Radial tyres having previously run Cross-ply previously to 1970. The Clubman had the obvious facelift compared to the traditional ’round fronted Mini as well as a longer Bonnet for Safety reasons as well as better access in the engine bay. The clubman was dropped in in 1980 when Austin bought out the Metro. Production of the original style round fronted Mini Continued another 20 years.

Jane Gilmore - Alfa Romeo GT Junior

Extremely pleased to have this gem within the group. Typifying a classic we have Jane Gilmore’s Alfa Romeo GT Junior.
2.0 Twin Spark injected Engine
Registered 1972
42,000 current mileage
Jane has owned the car 11 Years
The car is in original cosmetic condition with the modifications being uprated and lowered suspension as well as an engine change to 2.0 Twin Spark Engine. The original GT Juniors had the option of either 1300 or 1600 engines. Jane still has all original parts for the car to enable it to be converted back to standard if need be.
The car amazingly has only one previous owner. Every single MOT, all tax discs, invoices, original tax disc holder and original bill of sale have been retained.
Alfa bought out the Junior GT in 1965 as a baby brother to the Sprint GT and GTV models featuring the smaller engine capacity for customers that wanted a nimble sporty car but didnt require power. This was also to reduce taxation costs on higher powered engines in Italy. Initially offering the 1300 engine in 1965 and introducing a 1600 engine option in 1972.
Jane it would be interesting to know what engine the car started its life with? Thanks for taking the time to send the detail and share this stunning classic.

Jason Temple - Nissan Skyline R33 GTR

This weeks car profile is a very well known beast of a car- Nissan Skyline R33 GTR. Some what biased this week I’m afraid as its actually my cousins car Jason Temple. Having said that I’ve only seen it in the flesh once. (The car not my cousin lol)
Nissan Skyline R33 GTRV Le Mans edition (1 of 14 produced)
Year- 1996
Engine- 2.6 Twin Turbo
Miles- 46,000
Modifications- Engine swap to R34, Larger HKS Turbos, HKS full Exhaust, Mushroom Filters, HKS Large front mounted intercooler, Stage 4 Clutch, ID1000 Injectors and Walbro Pump, Apexi Boost Controller, Tein Superstreet Suspension, Japan Racing Wheels with R888 all round.
Car is currently running 480bhp
Le Mans edition released in May 1996 to celebrate Nissan’s participation in the 24 hours. The car had limited edition Aero upgrades including Hood Splitter and Carbon rear wing with Gurney Flap. The car also displays limited edition badges with a chequed flag under the GTR on the C-Pilars and a bade on the rear wing inserts. Nissan entered two R33 GTR V-Spec’s in Le Mans in 1995 with one finishing 10th overall which was an achievement as they were essentially running the same RB26 engine from the production cars and were up against a field of super cars from the era.

John Hobbs - Triumph TR6

This week we have a closer look at John Hobbs stunning Triumph TR6. I do know that John hardly used the car last year due to work commitments but I am confident that the standard of meets/events we have in line will help encourage to get this Classic out alot more during 2017. The car is already booked into our display at Old Warden.
Original 2.5 inline 6 Cylinder engine
Registered June 1974.
John has owned the car since 2012 partly restored and finished the job off including a full body restoration.
Modifications include Revolution wheels, Stainless Steel Bumpers, Converted to run on Carbs, Custom exhaust. John has also converted the car to electronic ignition and electric fan. Having seen the car closely myself the engine bay especially is well thought out and immaculately finished.
The TR6 was built from 1968-1976. Over 94,000 were built but most were exported and only 8,370 sold in the UK. The car closely resembled the TR5 with the main visual difference being a squared off rear end.
Thank you for taking the time to send the information on your lovely Classic.

Marek Jedrzejewski - Mercedes 500 SEC

There are so many great cars to get round at meets and often I find you see one driving out and you regret not getting a chance to look round it. Marek Jedrzejewski came along to our meet at the Green Man in March in his Mercedes 500 SEC and this bought about the same circumstance. A really purposeful looking car that demands your attention.
5 Litre V8 Engine registered in 1989.
The car has covered 108,500 miles.
Marek bought the car last summer. Initially spotting the car on Ebay and bidding on it after a good few beers ended up winning it! He had to fly from Birmingham to Aberdeen to collect the car and fell in love with it straight away. Advertised as immaculate it was slightly disappointing for him to find a few rust spots which have grown through the recent winter. Overall though another example of car thats weathered extremely well for its age.
First job was to get the suspension rebuilt with new shocks, ball joints, track rods, springs and shocks. The mid section of the exhaust was replaced and the middle silencer removed to reveal the lovely V8 sound.
Marek is saving funds to get the car fully resprayed as the rust areas are unfortunately not restricted to one panel or side. There are also plans for the interior which needs tidying in places.
The Wheels are RIAM Mesh, 8J front and 9J rear which were purchased recently from a fellow Merc enthusiast.
Thanks very much to Marek for sending all this information. He has gone to the trouble of taking photos specifically for this feature and they are absolutely superb. Also to mention that I am in the process of all Car Features being uploaded to our website so they will also feature on the website as well eventually.

Michael Hodder - Vauxhall Firenza Sport SL

Very much enjoying these profiles- some stunning kit around on this group and this week we’ve certainly not been let down.
This is Michael Hodder’s outstanding Vauxhall Firenza Sport SL
Registered 6th November 1972
2.3L 4 Cylinder Engine Rear Wheel Drive
Bought two years ago with only 33,000 fully documented on the clock!
The car spent most its life with one owner who documented milage on every single journey. The owner used it on a regular basis until 1989 when it was stored in a garage until 2011 when he passed away. It was then bought and fully recommissioned by a friend of Michael’s who then sold it onto him two years ago in good, original order.
An estimated 2000 were originally made but now Its one of less than 10 that remain road worthy today. This very car was scanned and photographed by oxford Diecast in 2014 and made into a 1.43 scale model on sale today. The only modifications Michael has added are minilite alloy wheels, gas dampers and uprated springs.
Thanks very much for sharing this extremely rare example.

Michael Loveridge - Rover Mini

This weeks car profile is Michael Loveridge beautifully prepared Mini. I wanted to run this weeks profile on this firstly because everyone loves a Mini and secondly its a real example of a huge labour of love.
Rover Mini
Current Milage 63,200
Modification wise its quite hard to list as Michael has completely rebuilt the car over 14 years. Replacements and modifications as follows-
Replaced front end scuttle corners, A panels, sills, door skin, rear valance, exhaust, complete brake system, wheel cylinders, wheel bearings, ball joints, track rod ends, radiator, hoses and clips, waterpump, thermostat and fan belt, all chrome exterior parts, window rubbers and subframe.
Stage 1 engine kit fitted, undercoated with 4 coats of smoothrite, all rubber bushes changed to poly, height adjustable Gaz suspension, 4 spoke period revolution wheels, fibreglass sports-pack coy wings, chromed wipers and fittings, wind deflectors fitted to doors.
The interior is completely bespoke including red leatherette, boot, dash, bottom rails, centre console and door cards. Front leather seats from an Alfa Romeo 147 with custom made mounts, rear seats professionally made from scratch by an automotive trimmer, Pioneer MP3 Stereo with 6″ Speakers front and 6×9″ back.
The car is dry stored and only used on sunny days and has only covered 2,946K in Michael’s entire ownership. Lovingly cared for and constantly polished.
Thank you very much for sharing.

Nigel P. Oakey - Dodge Polara 500 Golden Anniversary Edition

This weeks car profile is Nigel P Oakey’s Monster of an American car.
Dodge Polara 500 Golden Anniversary Edition
Registered Los Angeles 1964
Its a genuine American import Nigel bought from Bakersfield CA where it had previously been used as a race car but was being stored by a private collector.
The engine is highly modified by Nigel himself including ground and balanced bottom end rotary parts, custom ground Fedal Mougal Cam with matching high lifter push rods. Light valve modification, Edelbrock inlet, 750 double pumper Holley carb setup, 3100 rpm high stall converter, heavy duty yoked thick walled tubed prop.
Drive train wise its running a full race spec 727 Torqueflite 3 speed box with Richmond gears, Detroit diff locker in a 8 3/4 axle case.
Thanks for sharing Nigel.

Nigel Taylor - Ford Mustang GT Convertible

Some may have noticed the lack of the weekly members car feature recently. I unfortunately have not been able to get information out of anyone on their lovely classics. Please do keep sending the information to me as it really is nice to be able to take a closer look at a car and find out information you might not have known walking round it at a meet.
Nigel Taylor has kindly pieced together some information and sent it through on a car that belongs to his wife. This is a Ford Mustang GT Convertible and its the 35 Year Anniversary Model.
Powered by a 4.6 V8 Engine.
5 Speed Manual
Registered 1999
48,700 Mileage on the clock
Nigel and his Wife have owned the Car for five years
Modifications include a Flowmaster Exhaust System, Bullit Alloy Wheels and Kenwood Sound System.
The 35 Year Anniversary is a 4th Generation Mustang made from 1994 through to 2004. The model made as a Coupe or Convertible only. Up until 1996 the 5.0 Engine used since 1968 was used but in 1996 Ford dropped the engine and introduced the 4.6 V8 SOHC engine. This engine was modified slightly for 1998 increasing output. Nigel’s example running 225hp compared to the the original version of the engine which ran at 215hp
This feature also doubles up nicely as a For Sale advert as the car is up for Sale for £6750 (not including the private plate). Please contact Nigel.

Paulius Quattro - Audi 80 Quattro 1984

This weeks car profile is a regular and valued contributor to page discussion- Paulius Quattro and he has bought a car right back from the dead to a lovely standard which is always nice to see. The before photo shows the extent of Paul’s work.
Audi 80 Quattro 1984
2.2 20V 5 Cylinder 260bhp Turbo engine out of the Audi S2 replacing the original 5 Cylinder 2.2 non Turbo
Current Mileage 116K
Paul has owned the car for 3 years and at the time of purchase it had been stood for eight years under a tree of all places!
As is obvious from the photos the car has under gone a full nut and bolt rebuild including full bodywork restoration and engine conversion. All work carried out by Paul himself who restores classic cars as a living.
Visually the car has been built in original condition other than the wheels which have been replaced with period Audi Ronals and RS2 front seats with custom made door cards
The Quattro version of the car was introduced in 1983 and differences other than the drivetrain included twin headlamps, body coloured rubber spoiler on the back, twin exhaust and Quattro script on the boot lid. An 80 Sport was also introduced in the same year which featured the Ronal Wheels, Recaro seats and an Audi Sport stripe all the way down the side of the car.
Thank you for sharing.

Peter Cousins - MGBGT V8

Always nice to write about a car you’ve seen in the flesh giving you the appreciation of the up keep involved. I spoke to Peter Cousins and had a look round his absolutely stunning MGBGT V8 at Old Warden a few weeks ago. I spotted Peter handing a form into the judges and when I asked what the form was about Peter explained he had won an award and been invited into the arena with the car at the end. He did also tell me that the car is a multiple award winner and on closer inspection I could see exactly why. Not content with any short cuts or expense sparing he has hired the best restorers in the business to bring this Classic to a condition that would surpass the day it rolled out the factory. The car has also featured in six different magazines.
Built in 1973 but not registered until 1st Jan 1974. Peter has owned the car 13 years now having bought it as a complete restoration project.
The car was stripped down to a bare shell and Acid dipped back to the metal along with many of the original parts. Sprayed in original Damask Red. Rather than buy after market chrome parts all the original parts were retained and re-chromed. Converted to electronic ignition, full length stainless steel big bore exhaust, M.G.O.C evolution 3 suspension kit with Koni Dampers. A new clutch and over drive unit was also installed. The whole interior was completely re-trimmed by a very well renowned trim specialist and is especially impressive when you look round the car.
One of the finest examples you will see thanks for sharing the information.

Phil Benson - Hillman Minx

Even though we’ve not had the first meet of the year yet this is already becoming a bit of a members favourite! Its Phil Benson’s eye catching ‘Minxy’ the Hillman Minx.
Series llla registered May 4th 1960 and is one of only five convertibles registered on the road in the UK.
Original 1500cc engine with verified 88k on the clock. The optional extra of Floor mounted shift rather than the then traditional column shift. Later that year Hillman did away with the column change.
The car purchased by Phil in December 2014 from an elderly gent in Guildford. The previous owner had gone to the trouble of having all the paintwork sorted out and the interior re-trimmed but found his elderly wife couldnt get in and out of the car forcing the sale to Phil.
The only modifications are White walled tyres imported from America and the two pack paint used to finish the exterior.
Phil enjoys using the car for shows and meets. The car was also used in last Years Newport Pagnell Carnival to transport the Mayor and Mayoress.
A real classic that can fail to make you smile- thanks for sharing the information Phil.

Richard Skinner - VW Santana LX

This week we feature local Richard Skinner’s unique and cherished VW Santana LX
Registered 1983
1.8 8V Engine as used in period Audi models
Richard has owned the car 1.5 years but previously owned another Santana
125,000 miles covered
Modifications include a full respray, rolled arches, MK Scirocco TS Steering Wheel, stainless exhaust, custom made air suspension with 3P management, upgraded sound system. The car has a number of sets of wheels Richard alternates between.
Previous owner was an electrician who fitted automatic aerial and electric windows.
Its the last known 1983 Santana LX and it is the earlies of the remaining 6 UK Santana LX’s. The car was VW’s first attempt at a luxury Limousine. The name was dropped but the shell lived on in the form of the Passat Saloon. In total there are only around 15 UK Santana’s left.
Thanks for taking the time to share the detail on your pride and joy.

Robin Raymond Milner - Toyota Supra MKiV Aero Top

This week we feature a modified Jap vehicle. Robin Raymond Milner’s Toyota Supra MKiV Aero Top
2JZ-GE Toyota Engine
Robin has owned the car for three years and made all modifications at home on his driveway.
Modifications include CWest front Bumpers and Side Skirts, Top Secret Rear Spats, Do-luck rear diffuser, GT3000 rear wing, Cruize 18″ Ally Wheels, BC Coilovers, Super Pro Poly Bushed all round, 4 pot UK spec front brakes on split discs, Turbo Conversion, XSpower Manifold with custom downpipe, HKS Decat and HKS Superdragger Exhaust System. Various gauges have been added/changed inside as well as Corbeau Seats and a T Tint Roll cage.
Thank you for sharing.

‎Scott James Temple - Toyota MR2 MK1B AW11

This weeks car profile is my car!!
Toyota MR2 MK1B AW11
Registered 4th August 1988
1600 Petrol Manual RWD
Current Mileage 77,200
The car is fairly stock which will be the way it remains. The main obvious change being the original tear drop alloy wheels have been replaced with 16″ Polished Lenso RS5. I bought the car at the start of this year off a young non enthusiast who had bought it to get him from A to B for a short term period and all it needed was a good thorough clean- other than that it was in top, working condition. I’ve since spent alot of time taking bits off and cleaning them up and it is in super order. The owner before last has to take the credit- I was informed he was a mechanic and the whole car has been resprayed, red brake hoses throughout, all new fuel lines, water pipes, fully undersealed and stone guarded.
The car only gets used for shows during the season and is always dry stored. I hope to keep it that way and try and keep hold of the car for a good few years if possible. It wasnt really a planned purchase- I moved house and found that my Garage was only suitable for housing a very small car!! It was one of the few classic, two seater cars that fitted the garage and budget but I’ve since been very glad I bought it. I plan to do a bit of engine bay detailing with it during 2017, other than that it should be all good to go to meets as it currently sits.

Steve Hagger - Audi Quattro

Today’s car Profile is Steve Hagger’s stunning Audi Quattro which was great to see at our recent meet.
Built April 1988 and Registered August 1988
Turbo Charge 2.2L 10V Audi MB engine which were used in the European Spec Models through 1988 and 89.
Steve bought the car in October 2010 and the car was a sorry state having been left in a field for at least a year.
Steve is the 4th owner of the car and impressively for its age its only covered 87,000 Miles.
The whole car was rebuilt by Steve himself and having seen the car in the flesh its clear he hasn’t left an incorrect nut or bolt on the car. Its built to an extremely high standard. It took three years to rebuild the car and it was literally the whole car from the ground up. Engine and Turbo rebuild, Gearbox, Suspension, Subframes and axle inclusive. The Bodywork was bought right back to bare metal and was the only part of the car that was farmed out to be completed. Its been fully resprayed again to a very high standard in the original Satin Black.
As you would expect its a ‘weekend car’ but Steve takes it to Classic shows and Audi Quattro owners club specific meets on a regular basis.
Thanks for sharing information on this true classic

Tim Horne - Jag

We havent yet featured a Jag yet and if you are going to look at a Jag it doent get much better than an E-Type. In this case it is Tim Horne’s immaculate example.
This is a series one 4.2 2+2
Registered January 1967
4.235cc in line XK6 265bhp engine.
Current Milage is 71,000
Tim has owned the car two years now
Its a very original example. It has been fully resprayed in 2011, Chrome wire wheels replaced, uprated alloy radiator and fan fitted in 2015..
History wise the car has 4 previous owners. Its an original UK Car first sold by Henlys of London. Still presented in the original colour which is Opalescent Silver Blue with Blue Leather interior trim.
The series one 4.2 has most of the more desirable early E-Type Features and has more torque than the earlier 3.8 litre cars and a better syncromesh gearbox. It retains the covered headlights, small sidelights above the slim bumper, smaller bonnet mouth, polished cam covers, toggle switches and starter button. These features were lost on the series two cars mainly due to US legislation demands.
Thanks for sharing detail on another beautiful Classic Tim.

Tom Atkinson - Ford Ranchero Truck

This weeks featured car is Tom Atkinson’s very rapid Ford Ranchero Truck
Around 20,000 Covered on current Engine
The whole truck has been completely rebuilt and modified by Tom himself. When first purchased it was completely stock and had been painted in floor paint! Tom has installed a 347ci ATK High Performance crate engine (currently running 413hp). Performance Automatics Manual reverse pattern C4 transmission, Moser 28 Spline Half Shafts, Eaton Truetrac diff. The body was completely stripped back and re-painted.
Tom often runs the truck at Santa Pod competing a 1/4 mile in 12.46s. Future plans are to fit some drag radial tyres and some traction bars. Its used as an every day vehicle.
This 1964 model is an example of the second generation of Ranchero’s built with this generation being built from 1960-1965. It was smaller than the first generation and based on the Falcon. The Ranchero lasted right up until a seventh generation in 1979 when Ford decided smaller trucks were the way forward and introduced the Ranger
Thanks for sharing.
For your car to be featured in our weekly article please send the following information and four good photos through to me-

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